Saturday, February 26, 2011

What follows Wisconsin?

I hope people leading the US labour movement, progressive leaders, MoveOn and whoever else are giving some thought to what comes next here, win or lose.  It seems likely winning would entail more momentum than losing, but this looks like a great candidate for a situation where losing could still mean "losing well" - it would depend how it went down, but Walker has spent a tremendous amont of political capital here, and labour has been fired up in a way they probably haven't been since Reagan fired the air traffic controllers. 

Anyway, where from here?  Seek a federal law protecting collective bargaining?  A constitutional amendement?  A series of state level ballot initiatives?  A drive to unionize Koch industries?
A win in Wisconsin would be great, but isn't enough, as the current fight is defensive in nature.  It's worth trying to make back some lost ground.  Obviously the national Democrats aren't going to lead on this.  Don't let this moment pass.

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