Friday, February 4, 2011

RIP Open Left

If you're here, you probably came over from my farewell to arms at Open Left.

I plan to post semi-regularly as I can, keeping up the work on the subjects I like:  political systems, ideology, media and some current affairs.

One thing I'll get to do a bit more of is talk about my own country a bit more.  I did occasionally mention affairs in Canada when I thought it particularly relevant at Open Left but I also felt more constrained by writing for a US centric place to keep it topical.

Also, our affairs are most definitely not in order and my hopes for a quick Harper minority have been dashed and it remains within the realm of the possible he could get a majority.

Welcome and thanks for reading.


  1. Daniel!

    So good to see you up and running!

  2. and the Canada content would be nice

    is an election coming?

  3. My guess about an election is yes. All parties seem to be setting up groundwork to allow themselves to force one - the Conservatives will do it by putting something unacceptable in the Budget, and the others will do it by voting against the budget for that, or possibly some other reason.

    Right now it looks like corporate tax cuts might be that issue, but really I have to wonder if the CPC wants to fight an election over that.