Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warming Wednesday: Daily Kos Edition

I've posted about this to the Grand Orange Satan version 4, I would appreciate anyone with GOS accounts visiting to recommend the post.


  1. Well, that turned out to be exciting. A new'n'improved DKos. Found a Joan McCarter post that told me how to do recommendations on the new site. Even managed to drag my login info out of its secret hiding place, once I recalled where that place was. But! There was no +, no *, and no <3 to click. Seemed the tip jar was collecting hits, however. So, I clicked on it ... and nothing happened. And, clicked some more for some more nothin'. And, went to the directions for the Old Kos format. Read 'em. Came back to the new format clicking like a mad-woman whose dentures don't fit, and nothin', nothin', nothin'! Then, I remembered to turn off NoScript.

    Thanks for the incentive to get reacquainted over there, Daniel. You done been recc'd.

  2. Bystander no more! No, thank you.