Thursday, February 10, 2011

Polling on Egypt

Like Atrios and Krugman (though not in their league) I don't have much of value to say about Egypt other than to hope the protesters get what they want, and that it doesn't turn into something horrific.  The moral calculus seems pretty obviously weighted toward supporting any reasonable attempt to overthrow a dictator, even though revolutions often go astray.

That said, reviewing the recent polling on the subject (do take a look), I think it is mostly an encouraging picture that the paranoia about the Muslim Brotherhood and imminent Caliphate from the usual suspects isn't (yet) having too much effect.

Also, people in general in both Canada and the US seem more interested in this story than I would have expected.  I doubt that many of us are worried about oil shipments through the Suez or the effects on Israel, I would guess that Egypt just has a fairly large place in western consciousness.

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  1. cenk's take was awesome: the devil we already know a devil!