Sunday, February 24, 2013

Solid Monckton Journalism

Viscount Monckton is on another one of his highly lucrative climate denial evangelism tours of Australia.  I caught this great piece from a Tasmanian newspaper called "The Mercury", Monckton's Hot Air:

At a public lecture in Hobart this week, he said there had been no global warming for at least 16 years. 
"The climate models were wrong and the world is not going to end," he said. 
Tony Press, former director of the Antarctic Division and now CEO of the University of Tasmania's Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-operative Research Centre, said Lord Monckton's interpretation was unscientific. 
"The argument of 'no recent warming' is wrong and has been debunked time and again," Dr Press said. 
"The cherry-picking of dates or selected time periods to cast an argument in support of a pre-conceived idea is not scientific method.
Good stuff, no "he said, she said" false equivalence, most of the piece is scientific experts rebutting Monckton's many falsehoods.

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