Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chrisopher Monckton, Climate Skeptic Hero

This post provides the sources of a series of claims I am making over Twitter.  My main points are two:

1) Christopher Monckton is the leading climate "skeptic" and is held in extremely high regard by climate skeptics.

2) Monckton is singularly unreliable, dishonest, deceitful, preposterous and possibly some kind of compulsive liar or outright sociopath.  If he were some kind of fringe figure in the climate skeptic movement, this might not matter, but given #1, it says a great deal about the credibility of the whole movement that they cannot seem to find anyone more credible and trustworthy to be their leading voice.

This started yesterday when a climate ostrich posted a link to "10 Killer Questions" that Monckton poses to what he calls "climate extremists."  I googled the title of the post and found:

Who is this person who so-called climate skeptics find so enthralling that so many of them repost his every utterance?  Here's the statements I make over twitter, and my sources:

I expect climate deniers would be inclined to reply with something about Al Gore, his big houses, plane flying or the money he makes from his green business interests.  Ok.  I have previously compared Gore and Monckton's relative credibility and even if you think Gore is an unworthy spokesperson for climate reality and action, he is nowhere near Monckton's league of duplicity and farce.

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