Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ryan: "Torture" Statistics and They'll Confess

Hat tip to Digby who quoted this interview, I just wanted to highlight a particular section of the Chris Wallace/Paul Ryan Fox News Sunday morning interview:
WALLACE: You're the master of the budget, so briefly, let's go through the plan. The Obama camp says independent groups say if you cut those taxes rates for everybody, 20 percent, it costs $5 trillion over 10 years -- true? RYAN: Not in the least bit true. Look this just goes to show if you torture statistics enough, they'll confess to what you want them to confess to. That study has been so thoroughly discredited. It wasn't even a measurement of Mitt Romney's -- his policy.
Get that? If you torture statistics, they'll confess to anything. Does Ryan also believe when you torture humans they will do the same? Anyone want to bet against the idea that somewhere Ryan has spoken up in favour of "enhanced interrogation" and/or defended waterboarding for all the great "intelligence" inflicting suffering on a prisoner until he tells you things to stop the pain brings America?

This is an opening to inject some civil liberties talk into the election.  Since it's looking like it might be a rout, adding their Dark Ages mentality on torture to the list of things that caused this drubbing can only be helpful.

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