Monday, September 17, 2012

Let Them Eat 47%

The irony of this is that liberals have spent years tearing their hair out trying to figure out why so many people actually in the bottom half of the income spread vote for conservatives who promise to cut the programs they depend on for survival.  In 2008, McCain got 43% of the votes of people making $30-50K, 37% of those making $15-30K and even 25% of those making less than $15K.  Sure, he lost each voting bloc, but you can still win elections by taking substantial chunks of your opponent's most fertile voting ground. 

Romney didn't even try to make some kind of nuanced argument, that it was tougher for him to reach the 47%.  He outright dismissed them as flat out voting for Obama.  It's not even a case of the so called "classic gaffe" in DC where one tells the truth, the Tea Party is heavy with poor and lower-middle class people who are in denial about the fact that they're dependent on government for assistance.  I suppose the only hope for Romney in this fall out is along these lines as Salon's Alex Pareene tweeted:
good luck convincing any white american that they're in "the 47%" romney's talking about
Romney was talking about that other 47%.  The ones that think that being unemployed and living in a van puts you in the 53% of US federal income tax payers.

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