Sunday, March 17, 2013

Progressive Bloggers and Meta

I'm pleased to announce my little site was accepted by the good people at Progressive Bloggers as an "affiliate."  This means my posts will show up in their feed and I'm on their blogroll.  Aside from possibly driving more eyeballs to my work (which has become increasingly Canadian focused as I'm increasingly worried about the direction of our country in the face of the Harper majority and some worrisome long term trends in a way that I wasn't as worried about back in the Open Left period) my rationale is also to help in my small way increase the Canadian progressive blogger community.  We don't seem to have a Daily Kos or a Talking Points Memo or even an Atrios or Digby.  Partly that's economy of scale, but then when Canada is increasingly self-describing itself as small "l" liberal in polling (and over 50%, we really are the majority!) it seems like liberal Canadians need places to go to participate in the political process and make our voices heard.

I also know that most of the traffic I get is people searching for interesting keywords on search engines relating to news of the day.  My post of firing Kevin O'Leary for being an unctuous jerk toward a guest is still very popular.  People are sick of hearing from awful people like him and the plethora of slick right wing think tank wingnut welfare recipients.  They hear them say stupid things on TV and they go searching for answers. I hope I can provide a few with better information to rebut their angry right wing uncle or just to know that Kevin O'Leary is full of it and is either lying or ignorant when he spouts off much of the time.

I know I don't post enough, personal life lately makes that difficult but this place is still live and I do twitter probably more often than I post here.  Thanks to those who read, your feedback in comments is always welcome and this site will be around for awhile yet, as best as I can manage.

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