Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The General's Reviews

I just discovered that blogging celebrity General JC Christian, Patriot writes Amazon Reviews.

From his review on Corsi's latest anti-Obama book:
Now, he's saving America again with this book questioning the citizenship of our current president, Barack Obama. Building on forensic research conducted by Orly Taitz, Law Dentist, Mr. Corsi proves beyond doubt that Obama: (A) is unheartlandishly hued; (B) has a foreign sounding name; and, (C) replaced the staff of the Hawaii Department of Vital Statistics with a dozen malevolent, fist-bumping, dashiki-wearing, document-forging robots and an old Mexican guy who sits at the reception desk and answers phones. 

On Breitbart:

But it wasn't until the election of Barack Obama, that Mr. Breitbart made his most important contributions to imagineering and denigracial science. Within minutes of learning that Obama had won the nomination, Mr. Breitbart suddenly realized that there was something very different about Obama. The Democratic candidate appeared to be unheartlandishly hued--by God, the future President was, indeed, a Canaanite, a Negro. It was an important revelation for Mr. Breitbart. It appears to be the driving force behind his later successes. 
And some racist book I'd never heard of:
This is the book that will make Kyle Bristol as famous and as revered as Dr. William Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries. I have no doubt about it. It has an irresistible appeal to those of us who proudly suck each breath from between our teeth. We want to believe Mr. Bristow's thesis that Norwegians are the only true Americans, and that we were here first, long before the Indians. Indeed, we want to shout the words Mr. Bristow proudly posts at the top of his blog: "I am the vanguard of the Volk, the hero of the Occident, and the arch-nemesis of the enemies of my people. I live in occupied Vinland, and I am the epitome of Western Man." 
It's great stuff, and good activism, putting his satirical skills to work where more than just the choir will be forced to read it.  Go check out the full reviews, and enjoy the comments section for each review.

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