Thursday, May 19, 2011

Class Warfare Princelings

This is why the rich need high taxes; "Spankings lead to charges against businessman:"
Single mothers, former drug addicts and other beaten down young women who came to wealthy businessman Henry Allen Fitzsimmons for a chance to climb out of their financial hole knew his help came with a catch. In exchange for an allowance, a place to live and promise of a college education, they agreed to be spanked if they broke his rules.

At least six of the women say his corporal punishment went too far, including one who says he sexually assaulted her, and the 54-year-old Virginia Beach restaurant owner faces felony charges.

"These women are victims. They're single moms. They need their bills paid," prosecutor Tom Murphy said at a court hearing Thursday. "It's bizarre, there's no doubt."
Half of why society needs the rich to pay taxes proportionately to the benefits they draw from society (yes, progressive taxation is a fair deal for living some place that lets you become rich) is so that we can pay for the things that are needed to take care of the least among us, and provide the safety net for those in middle.  The other half is so that nonsense like this doesn't happen.  This sort of arrangement is an obvious consequence of inquality:  poor young single mothers struggling to survive in a society that no longer affords them nor their children any realistic hope of success meet wealthy sociopath with far too much money willing to spend some of it to exploit their much more basic and universal needs.

If Reagan could convince a generation of Americans that every welfare recipient was really milking the system to drive a cadillac and eat steak dinners on the town, perhaps some pushback along the theme of examples like this are in order, hence the title.  Rich people with money to spend on harems of impoverished women willing to put up with physical and emotional abuse in exchange for money can clearly afford higher taxes and clearly aren't creating the kinds of jobs anyone sane would want if they had any better alternatives.   Let conservatives and libertarians try to argue the rich do a better job than government spending the money in face of cases like this.

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