Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Canadian 1% Want To Privatize the CBC

And it's just them, from a new Forum Research poll for the Globe & Mail, Canadians in general oppose privatizing the CBC by a 2:1 margin, and it is a majority (51%) who are decided against, versus only 25% who are for it.  That's the good news, and it is pretty good news considering that it's not like we've been waging a major national debate about this (though movement conservativism in Canada has made this a major goal for at least several years, the PM and Government have made no overt suggestion or move to do this).  The bad news is that those for it are the people who count:

Every other income group is strongly opposed, and what's remarkable is that the merely affluent in the 80-100K and 100-250K groups are very strongly opposed.  It really is the 1% versus the rest here (technically 32 people out of 1525 in the sample is 2%).

Now 32 is a small sample size for the subgroup, so I'm sure the margins of error are fairly large on this group, but I doubt they're enough to reverse a 66% for, 32% against trend.

Citigroup called Canada a "plutonomy" in a memo a few years back, a country ruled by the very rich.  If that's correct, it means the privatization of the CBC is likely to happen.  The 1% want it.  The CBC competes with their private media empires, it accurately informs people, and it isn't beholden to them.  All good reasons to eliminate it (a privatized CBC would not recognizably be the CBC anymore).

Given they're already consistently running behind Trudeau's Liberals, we can hope this scares the Conservatives off any such scheme, but we're in the mid-term period of a majority where you've got time to do things that anger the public and hope they forget in time for election day.  Destroying the CBC has been a long running conservative goal, they might try it whatever the polling.  Once it's done it will be very expensive to undo.

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