Thursday, June 9, 2011

Al Gore: Even Fatter

With apologies to Atrios:
Areas of East Anglia are in drought, with parts of the south-west and south-east of England, the Midlands and Wales in a "near-drought" state.

In the drought-affected areas, Anglian Water and Cambridge Water say there is no threat to public water supplies.

But Severn Trent Water says there may be restrictions if rainfall stays low.

Both the south-east and central-southern regions of England have had their driest spring on record.
Across England and Wales as a whole it has been the driest spring since 1990.
East Anglia of course, was the victim of this fake scandal, so while of course the usual caveats about individual weather events applies, there is some irony here.  I found this interesting report about the 1990 drought, and it includes this bit:

We shall see how rare the events of 1990 become.  I seem to be travelling through time since I'm living through a shocking number of 100-year storms, floods and droughts.  Guess I'll comfort myself in the knowledge that Al Gore has a big house.  That proves it's all a scam.

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